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The ICE Client - v

This "ICE Client" application was developed by HLN Consulting, LLC to enable users to interact with and evaluate the open-source Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE) Web Service which was created by a collaboration of immunization and information technology experts from the public and private sectors.

The Open-Source ICE Web Service

When any application submits a patient's date of birth, gender, immunization history and disease occurrences, the ICE Web Service applies the appropriate immunization schedule and returns an evaluation of the patient's immunization history along with recommendations for additional immunizations. Due to its Java-based implementation and standards-based Web Service interface, ICE can be deployed in diverse technical environments and easily integrates with any health information system (e.g. electronic health record systems, patient portals, health information exchanges, immunization information systems, and school health systems). To integrate the ICE Web Service with your own client application follow these installation and integration instructions on the publicly accessible ICE Wiki. For more information, send email to